How They Made It: Man in the Window
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There are a lot of reasons why Man in the Window wasn’t an easy show to make. It is about a serial rapist and murderer in California. There were tons of characters and thousands of documents to sift through. And the main character was “Society” with a capital S. LA Times Investigative Reporter Paige St. John and senior producer and editor Karen Lowe explain how this unwieldy print journalism project became a compelling hit podcast that pushes the boundaries of the true crime genre. Hosted by Dessa, Werk It: The Podcast is the ICYMI version of the live event. Both the festival and the podcast are produced by WNYC Studios and are made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with additional support from the Annenberg Foundation. Event sponsors for Werk It 2019 include Luminary, Spotify, Spreaker, Acast, Himalaya, and the Women’s Foundation of California. You can find more information at 
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