Not Lovin' It
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On Wednesday, Russia accused Ukraine of trying to assassinate President Vladimir Putin in a drone attack on the Kremlin. Ukraine has denied the accusations, but Russia says it has the right to retaliate. An investigation by the Department of Labor found that McDonald's franchises in at least four states had employed over 300 children to work in their restaurants, including two 10 year-old workers in Kentucky. This comes amid a sharp rise in federal child labor law violations over the past five years. And in headlines: the man accused of fatally shooting five of his neighbors in Texas was arrested Tuesday night, Florida Republicans passed a sweeping anti-immigration bill, and the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the tenth consecutive time.
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Published 10/04/23
In an unprecedented move led by far-right Republicans, Kevin McCarthy was voted out of his job as Speaker of the House. He later said he would not seek the position again, leaving the House GOP fractured and scrambling to find a new leader for their slim majority. The Supreme Court heard...
Published 10/04/23
A testy and defiant Donald Trump showed up to court yesterday in Manhattan, for the first day of his civil fraud trial. The former president called the suit, brought by New York attorney general Letitia James, a “witch hunt,” though it could cost him control of his sprawling real estate...
Published 10/03/23