Lev Parnas Alone!
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The House of Representatives turned in the articles of impeachment to the Senate on Wednesday, kicking off the next phase of the trial of President DJT. That, plus a bombshell MSNBC interview with Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, will give you twice your daily dose of Ukrainegate.  Virginia has voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, helping it cross the threshold of three-quarters of states needed to ratify it nationwide.  And in headlines: WBNA players score a salary slam dunk, sword divorce, and an injunction on a bad executive order.
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While Trump is casually threatening to be an all out dictator, the economic crisis he continues not to solve continues. New unemployment data show the recovery is slowing down. We look at whether Congress is any closer to another relief package.  Next week Congress is expected to call in big tech...
Published 09/25/20
Yesterday, the grand jury in Jefferson County, Kentucky announced that only one of the officers who shot at Breonna Taylor would be indicted… and that officer’s charges don’t have anything to do with Taylor’s killing. Last night following the decision, two police officers were shot in downtown...
Published 09/24/20
America has passed the grim milestone of 200,000 deaths in the COVID-19 crisis, which was made far worse by Trump’s abjectly poor leadership. The FDA is expected to roll out new, more rigorous standards for approving the coronavirus vaccines following concerns that Trump would try to push out an...
Published 09/23/20