How to Adapt to Major Change in Your Life and Leave Your Comfort Zone (Like Moving to a New City)
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#194: (REPOST EPISODE) We all go through various changes in life and at certain times, we are faced with the choice of taking a leap and leaving our comfort zone (maybe like your hometown, current job, etc.) or living with the question of, "what if?" On this episode, Emily dives into her personal experience from leaving her hometown of 8,000 people to move to Southern California by herself at the age of 18 (plus leaving that comfort zone and heading to NYC), how she overcame the fear of the unknown, and the specific questions she asked herself in order to let go of the worry and adapt to the big changes. ENJOY 10% OFF THE WHAT FULFILLS YOU? CARD GAME AT - code "WHATFULFILLSYOU10" Follow the What Fulfills You? Podcast Instagram: Follow Emily Elizabeth's Instagram: Read more on the blog: Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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