Improving Happiness Through Personal Practice
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Individual well-being can be systematically measured and systematically built.
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Should governments and institutions take into account the recent behavioral social science research on well-being? If so, how might that affect public policy? Speakers: Eldar Shafir, Derek Bok, Daniel Gilbert
Published 09/24/13
How do “experience” and “memory” shape well-being? Author Jonathan Haidt talks about three of the ten great truths from his book The Happiness Hypothesis. To be a great truth, it has to arise on multiple continents and multiple eras, but what we tend to find is that these truths occur to...
Published 04/02/13
The search for happiness is as old as history itself. What lessons can we learn from the past? Sissela Bok, Darrin McMahon and Daniel Gilbert discuss.
Published 04/02/13