Psychology of Happiness
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How do “experience” and “memory” shape well-being? Author Jonathan Haidt talks about three of the ten great truths from his book The Happiness Hypothesis. To be a great truth, it has to arise on multiple continents and multiple eras, but what we tend to find is that these truths occur to everybody who thinks about the human condition. Does happiness come from the outside or the inside? And what happens when the two conflict? Daniel Gilbert and Jonathan Haidt discuss
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Should governments and institutions take into account the recent behavioral social science research on well-being? If so, how might that affect public policy? Speakers: Eldar Shafir, Derek Bok, Daniel Gilbert
Published 09/24/13
Individual well-being can be systematically measured and systematically built.
Published 04/02/13
The search for happiness is as old as history itself. What lessons can we learn from the past? Sissela Bok, Darrin McMahon and Daniel Gilbert discuss.
Published 04/02/13