Alex, Will and Marky Mark go into a 32 player tournament and discuss each round to find out which of the top 32 Action stars is the best!
Published 07/05/21
Its man vs Beast again! This time many beasts and the beasts are rather smallish... but don't let the size fool you!
Published 07/01/21
We go through episodes 99 - 102 of the popular anime My Hero Academia and give you our reactions thoughts and ideas as we enter a new mini arc!
Published 06/30/21
In this months Flippin Out the whole crew is back to go through Listener questions as well as a bunch of topics Kratos vs Thanos? Superman vs Hulk? Most over rated and underrated characters in Naruto (including Boruto) Gameplay or Graphics, which is more important? 40 dogs or 10 cows, which do you fight? Who Dies first in a horror movie? Samsung Girl Synders Dragonball Z Movie? And More...
Published 06/28/21
We fight the iconic duo of MiB, in what I can say may be our darkest and most twisted episode ever!
Published 06/24/21
Will brings up the topic of Manga vs Comics. He presents the sales figures in North America showing that Manga out performs Comics by a heavy amount. Why is this? While Will attacks the quality of Comics, Alex seems to have a different Idea as to why, and attempts to say that neither Manga nor Comics are better than one another. Will on the other hand has a different theory. This gets heated, but both Alex and Will remain calm.
Published 06/21/21
Marky Mark is back with us as we dive into a comical fight with Jubilee from Marvel's X-Men
Published 06/17/21
Alex from Target (REACTION) BLOOPER A young man who was photographed secretly by a girl as he worked in Target. Little did he know he would become a social media sensation!
Published 06/15/21
We do another reaction to the story of Alex from Target. A young man who was photographed secretly by a girl as he worked in Target. Little did he know he would become a social media sensation!
Published 06/14/21
Alex and Will do a rematch with Marvel's Punisher  Last time they lost and so this time round they wont accept anything other than a good clean victory!
Published 06/10/21
This week, Mark, Will and Alex play a game, selecting 2 characters at random and then having to pitch a movie idea with those characters. We want you guys to let us know who wins for the best movie idea!
Published 06/07/21
Its another Let's Fight where we are up against someone we would rather not fight! Who doesn't love Morgan Freeman, but at the end of the day this fight has to happen. Does Morgan Freeman have skills that we may of over looked in this fight!?
Published 06/03/21
We review the last 5 episodes this time, with some juice content and goings on with both Class A and Class B of My Hero Academia. Deku's powers? Bakugo's new attitude, and how some characters we are growing to love more and others we are disappointed with!
Published 05/31/21
We talk about Warner Bros making a black superman, is this a good or bad idea!? We go through some character vs battles including Guyver vs Ironman! Crazy Listener Questions and a name that video game theme tune quiz!
Published 05/31/21
We go into the world of God of Highschool Anime, and take on one of the big three characters. Yu Mira, a great martial artist that favours using a special sword. What would it take for us to actually take her on and defeat her in a fight?
Published 05/27/21
An entertaining episode where we play a game of 10 yes or no questions to figure out which character am I. Listeners can play along as we play the anime/comics/video game edition of Which character am I
Published 05/24/21
In this episode we discuss how we would win against Guts from the Manga/Anime Berserk in a fight to the death. Will the random powers and items we get during the match help? Lets see!
Published 05/20/21
Welcome to Will's new topic category "Reactions" takes us on a journey looking at the story behind The 8 Ball Jacket Guy and the strange and aggressive story that follows.
Published 05/17/21
We go up against the legendary Akuma from Streetfighter. The master of the dark Hadou. His blood is filled with this energy as well as other body fluids apparently (according to Will). Let's see how we can win against him in this hypothetical fight.
Published 05/13/21
We tackle one of the biggest mysteries in the field of UFO. An event witnessed by thousands over the skies of Arizona in 1997. Special Guests - Canadian SPIRIT podcast
Published 05/10/21
We take on Bruce Lee. The Chinese and national treasure. Lets make this fight a respectful one, but one we will need to win regardless!
Published 05/06/21
[This episode contains subject matter of a sensitive nature] We dive into a sensitive subject within anime and possibly within the human mind. We often see fans of beloved characters like the Joker and other popular villains, but how can we support or enjoy a character when their actions are so wrong? Is it even ok to? What does it say about us as a species, and where (if any) should we draw lines?
Published 05/03/21
Our second round of reviews for My Hero Academia Season 5 looking at episode 90 - 93. More focus on the secondary characters proves to still kick ass...or does it?
Published 04/30/21
We fight a blooming God! Raiden from Mortal Kombat. Tell us how do we win against a God? Well we go into this fight using all that we can! Will it be enough?
Published 04/29/21
We take a look at a few characters from the popular anime My Hero Academia and discuss what the future of their powers could unfold into. How the powers can develop and what we would want to see. This is a fan theory episode so enjoy!
Published 04/26/21