GETTING COMFORTABLE WITH DEATH — Death Doula Caroline Lee dives into the uncomfortable conversation around death and how we can ease the process for ourselves and others
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This week's episode is an incredibly interesting conversation that covers one of life’s most uncomfortable and danced-around topics: death. And who better to chat with than a death doula? Enter: Caroline Lee. As a death doula, Caroline offers support to those navigating diagnoses, those coping with the prospect of death and/or someone who has passed, and even those who are young and proactively creating an end-of-life plan. Listen in as we discuss what steps you can take to prepare yourself and your family, including: Writing your wishes Designating a ‘Payable on Death’ on your bank account Sharing/receiving account passwords Coping with grief and/or the prospect of death via psychedelic-assisted therapy, death meditations, and more Press play now for helpful insights and, as always, let me know what you think! Connect with Caroline Lee: Website: HERE TikTok: HERE  Instagram: HERE Connect with Organic Olivia: My new Instagram HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE Blog HERE  
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