Feeling Rich on Less Than 20K/Year w/ Shannon Hayes
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Shannon Hayes is on a mission to redefine rich. She is a 3rd generation farmer and entrepreneur who has learned to live a more intentional, more wealthy life. In this far ranging conversation we discuss everything from the passive income to writing your own quality of life statement. 
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Published 12/02/21
Today's guest is Dan Sheeks author of the new book: First to a Million. Should high school kids be educated about the financial independence movement? Should adults? We discuss with Dan when financial education should begin. 
Published 12/02/21
In the past, the highest returns for alternative investments were reserved for the ultrawealthy, banks, and big businesses. Now through securitization and syndication both art work and real estate are becoming available to most investors. Join Scott Lynn of Masterworks and Stephanie Walter of...
Published 11/29/21