30YearsWar #33: For Reasons Unsound
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King Christian IV of Denmark had more than a lot on his plate by 1625. He was the King of Denmark, and the Duke of Holstein. Yet he was also an important Protestant figure, the leader of a German dynasty, and a father determined to acquire the best inheritance for his sons. As of 1625, King Christian IV was also something else - at war with the Holy Roman Emperor and his vassals, for reasons that varied and became increasingly complex since 1618.  King Christian had scores to settle and securities to guarantee, but he wasn't marching alone. Behind him was the Hague Alliance, the pact between the English, Dutch and Danes to defend against the Habsburgs, be they in Spain or Austria. As both camps marched in step, was this the moment when the Elector Palatine's rebellion became a European war? Almost, we're not quite there yet...   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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As 1626 dawned, two saviours were on the march to the rescue of their respective camps. King Christian IV of Denmark looked poised to save the princes and cities of the Lower Saxon Circle from a looming Habsburg threat, and guarantees and supplies from the other members of the Hague Alliance were...
Published 06/02/21
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Published 05/05/21
The Hague Alliance of 1625 was only the latest in a long series of things that Frederick couldn't afford to get his hopes up about. It involved England, the Netherlands and Denmark in a mutual defensive alliance, and England even went to war with Spain shortly afterwards. But Frederick had been...
Published 04/07/21