Alien Animals! - Sept 10, 2022
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Seriah is joined by A.P. Strange and Super Infra Man to discuss the vintage book "Alien Animals" by Janet and Colin Bord. Topics include U.S. vs. U.K. paranormal research and writing, mystic sites and ley lines, 1970's-90's paranormal zines, cryptids, folklore, Alien Big Cats, lake monsters, Black Dogs, giant birds, bird-like humanoids, humanoid hairy beings, a photo of a headless dog, ghost dogs, human-faced dogs, shape-shifting dogs, black dogs and the Devil in folklore, a benevolent black dog memorialized in a church, Black Shuck, dogs and storms, ball lightning, living plasma, the smell of sulphur, invisible dogs, a shape-shifting fox, Hecate, dog-headed humans, an unoffical dog saint, a white dog and a UFO, a saucer landing releasing multiple dogs, Nessie, Tony "Doc" Shiels, Monstermind, Morgor, psychic backlash, Owlman, Ted Holiday, an exorcism of Loch Ness, humor and magick, Owlman sightings, Bat Beast of Kent, Owlman vs. Mothman, marketing for the 2002 Richard Gere and Laura Linney "Mothman Prophecies" movie, high strangeness affecting those in contact with the paranormal, an eel-like Irish lake monster, the Irish "Peiste", Nessie and other lake monsters as possible mollusks, a benevolent series of encounters between a Native American man and Sasquatch, a ghostly albino fox, the ineffectiveness of guns against paranormal entities, a 1970's theory that electrical and microwave fields cause phenomena, possible "muting" effects of cellphone and other fields, why more encounters happen in the wilderness, people affected by electro-magnetic fields, W.T. Watson and strange fogs, "wandering bits of consciousness", a repeatedly-experienced ghost who never existed as a living person, the Loveland Frogman, and much more! There's a bunch of fascinating material discussed here! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro is Terro Cosmos by Darwin Download
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