One Last Roar
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As a little boy plays in the yard, neither he nor his family sitting nearby know that their lives are all about to change forever. The hours that followed William's disappearance were filled with confusion, mayhem and fear. The names of people in this podcast have been changed for legal reasons. William's foster mother (Jane) and father (Peter), William's sister (Lindsay) and brother (Francis) and William's biological mother (Stacey) and father (Daniel). All police statements attributed to these people are read by actors. Thanks to Dennis Martyn for his contribution. For more information, go to our podcast page on 10 Daily You can contact this show by emailing If you know anything that can assist with solving this case, please contact police or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 Visit the webpage of the official Where's William? campaign at For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Five years have passed since William disappeared. Police are looking at a new convicted paedophile who was living near Kendall at the time William vanished, startling new information about a known figure in the mystery and Gary Jubelin opens up about his feelings on the case. For information...
Published 09/11/19
Another week at the inquest and a witness describes the moment he is certain that he saw William being driven away from Benaroon Drive in a car. Also, Bill Spedding and his wife Margaret detail their movements on the morning William went missing. For information regarding your data privacy,...
Published 08/30/19
The inquest is in Taree on the Mid North Coast for the week. Person of interest Paul Savage answers questions about his movements on the day William vanished and a witness testifies that they saw a child in a Spiderman suit travelling away from Benaroon Drive in a car on that day. For...
Published 08/24/19