168: Movie Club: OUTRAGEOUS! (With Deven Green & Brian Bradley)
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Deven Green & Brian Bradley join me for a deep dive on “Outrageous!”, an essential entry in queer cinema history. Starring pioneering drag legend Craig Russell as hairdresser-turned-performer Robin and Hollis McLaren as his schizophrenic and supportive best friend Liza, “Outrageous!” is a touching and funny story of self-acceptance, mental illness, and making life the way you want it. Watch the film here: https://youtu.be/hdzUUT4-sxA Support this show and get lots of hott bonus content by going to https://www.patreon.com/CraigAndFriends - see which reward tier works best for you! You’ll get ad-free & early versions of these episodes, bonus episodes, Movie Club episodes and MORE! Deven Green: https://www.devengreen.com Deven & Handsome Ned's game show VERSUS is on Revry: https://www.revry.tv/originals/versus Brian Bradley’s definitive Craig Russell biography https://www.amazon.com/Outrageous-Misfits-Lives-Craig-Russell/dp/145974697X Brian Bradley: https://twitter.com/brianjbradley Rubber Child’s Transition Assistance GoFundMe https://gofund.me/c2b3cd52 For ways to help fight the fascists and support Black Lives Matter & Black Trans Lives Matter: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co https://blacktranslivesmatter.carrd.co
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