214: Miz Cracker!
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HAPPY PRIDE! To celebrate the beginning of Pride Month, here is an Encore Presentation of the chat I had with Miz Cracker, during which I came out as queer. If you are questioning or exploring your sexuality, remember to take things at your own speed, ignore pressure from anyone else, and do what's best for you. Craig welcomes Miz Cracker to talk salty puns, getting grabbed at the museum, making the most of a solo trip to New York City, the Last Chance Bench at Barracuda, bookshelves in the snow, exploring and expanding one’s sexuality, Bob The Drag Queen, “Magnolia”, getting nagged into drag, hot fuschia flowers, , Cracker’s BFF Katelyn, grappling with yourself, pizza confessions, Drag Race, emotional circuit breakers, "American Woman”, Gillian Anderson, flip phones, favorite trees, and more! Check the refreshed benefit tiers and hott new lower prices at  https://www.patreon.com/CraigAndFriends  Be a Pal, a Friend, a Friend With Benefits or a Best Friend and receive early & uncut ad-free versions of these episodes, exclusive bonus episodes, Movie Club participation and much more!
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