Why That's Funny - Episode 82- It's 105 Degrees Outside
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Captain John almost kills himself while smoking in his car. Wilt tells John that the world does not center around him.     TAKE OUR SURVEY - GET A FREE STICKER: Click Below (bonus questions for 80th episode trivia)  Take WHY THAT'S FUNNY SURVEY - GET A FREE STICKER!  Soundcloud:   https://soundcloud.com/user-977546682/why-thats-funny-podcast-smokin    www.whythatsfunnypodcast.com 
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John and Wilt isolate. Wilt leaves NYC. Frank starts drinking at 10am. 
Published 03/27/20
Published 03/27/20
Wilt and Captain John come to grips with reality. 
Published 03/19/20