237 | Beyond Dog and Boba Fett
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Bounty hunting has evolved from several centuries ago from a more renegade and vigilante practice and into a formal, licensed, and routine job. Those who enter the business are often ex-law enforcement looking for private work and potential for big payouts. They are given license to use certain tactics that police are not allowed to, which makes the job potentially more exciting in some surveillance methods. Links and Resources: Bounty Hunter Laws by State (understandingbailbonds.com) https://people.howstuffworks.com/bounty-hunting4.htm https://www.history.co.uk/article/5-famous-bounty-hunters https://work.chron.com/college-classes-need-private-investigator-27168.html https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/how-to-become-bounty-hunter https://www.criminaljusticedegreeschools.com/careers/bounty-hunter/ You can reach us directly at [email protected], through the comments below OR on social via @wwdwwdpodcast or #wwdwwdpodcast.
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Published 01/19/22
Published 01/19/22
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