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Did you know the first attempt to catalog mental health diversity occurred as part of the US Census? Although people had been imprisoning people for "mental health" issues for a century beforehand, the first attempts to categorize neuro-diverse individuals did not begin until the mid 1800s. Once the DSM was established it went through several iterations and conceptual and technological shifts. Learn all about our weird plot-less book! Links: https://www.psychiatry.org/psychiatrists/practice/dsm/history-of-the-dsm (A brief but relatively comprehensive history of the DSM, omitting any specific diagnoses, also written in reverse chronological order) https://youtu.be/UiY6wr--0dE (Crash Course video on the history of DSM; how the US was a supervillain about mental health in the beginning) https://health.howstuffworks.com/mental-health/mental-disorders/dsm-diagnostic-and-statistical-manual-mental-disorders.htm (What the DSM is and how it came to be) https://www.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/diseases/early.html (Timeline of mental hospitals in the US) https://ps.psychiatryonline.org/doi/full/10.1176/appi.ps.53.3.288 (Objectives of DSM revisions) Kessler, R. C., Chiu, W. T., Demler, O., Merikangas, K. R., & Walters, E. E. (2005). Prevalence, severity, and comorbidity of 12-month DSM-IV disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Archives of general psychiatry, 62(6), 617–627. https://doi.org/10.1001/archpsyc.62.6.617 (Rates of Comorbidity in the DSM IV) Surís, A., Holliday, R., & North, C. S. (2016). The Evolution of the Classification of Psychiatric Disorders. Behavioral sciences (Basel, Switzerland), 6(1), 5. https://doi.org/10.3390/bs6010005 (in depth history of the DSM) https://www.medpagetoday.com/meetingcoverage/apa/72736https://www.medpagetoday.com/meetingcoverage/apa/72736 (Description of the DSM as a “Living Document” Kawa, S., & Giordano, J. (2012). A brief historicity of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: issues and implications for the future of psychiatric canon and practice. Philosophy, ethics, and humanities in medicine : PEHM, 7, 2. https://doi.org/10.1186/1747-5341-7-2 (Comprehensive History of the DSM) Past Episodes Referenced: Episode 88 on lobotomies as therapy Episode 109 on Deinstitutionalizing mental health patients Episode 206 on Ivan Pavlov Episode 110 on diagnosing mental health conditions Episode 24 on what happened to Asperger syndrome Episode 196 on why we name things We are on Reddit! https://www.reddit.com/user/WhyWeDoWhatWeDo Recommendations Abraham: Bad Samaritan (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3203528/) Shane: Nectarines You can reach us directly at [email protected], through the comments below OR on social via @wwdwwdpodcast or #wwdwwdpodcast.
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