On May 11th 1984 the fire in the haunted castle took 8 young lives, there was ineptitude, politics and a cover up. All the main garden state ingredients for a monumental screw up. To this day nothing Great Adventure puts on the site turns a profit and we look into the many stories of an ongoing haunting at the states largest amusement park. We also look at the bizarre way the park chose to memorialize (or not) the victims of the tragedy. We also discuss the larger high strangeness that seems...
Published 08/10/21
We interview Tom Yohnsson of Burlco K9 SAR who lead the Search and Dave Hart an author who did his own investigation of Barry's disappearance and wrote a Book inspired by Barry's story. The NJSP would like the family to believe that Barry went into Warren Grove and got lost, had a medical emergency and perished. The NJSP would also like you to believe that several searches conducted by expertly trained personnel and air scent dogs trained to detect escaped prisoners from miles away alongside...
Published 07/10/21
Disclosure is imminent... but is it really? Today is the day the joint Military report on the UFO phenomenon reached congress, every day in May we got drips of what it contained and it's a nothing burger. Mike and Witness G break down the triangle ufo video filmed aboard the USS Omaha, is it legit? Does it hint at a different strategy by the navy to initiate contact with the phenomenon? We think so and we'll lay it out for you.
Published 06/17/21
Some of the best EVP's we've collected and G and Mike talk about some personal experiences they've had lately. There's a surge in Disclosure information and Lake Monsters and the boys discuss what they think it all means and where we're going.
Published 04/16/21
Whittling away at potential explanations for the unexplained is what we like to do and G makes some excellent observations about the strange occurrence of Apparitions showing up in car headlights and we re-examine the Falcon Lake UFO incident, one of the most well documented UFO cases with legit physical evidence.
Published 03/08/21
Fort Mifflin is one of the most notoriously haunted locations in the country, our investigation team visited in September and we've got plenty of Audio evidence, personal experiences and even a couple videos and photos we can't explain. Listen in with your head phones as we reveal what we found.
Published 02/26/21
One of the most mysterious photos ever taken is discussed and the creepy connotations of it as well as the bizarre mystery that remains unsolved to this day, join Mike, Witness G and Tracie as the discuss this tragic accident and mysterious photo. Tip Toe past the turn style, through the ghost train into the fire with me... come tip toe to Luna Park with me.
Published 01/31/21
A UFO encounter from a military base tower, high strangeness in the lives of the hosts and an update on where we are with the Barry Zeldin case
Published 01/10/21
The White River Monster's existence has been proven. All that's left to do is figure out what it is and why it terrorize The White River in Northeast Arkansas. Maddie and Mike look into the background of the creature and find out that the Skeptical Inquirer even admits this thing is real. Too many people have seen and recorded it An undisputed Cryptid!!!!
Published 11/06/20
Mike, Tracie and G set up an investigation to search for the creature and Mike and G do a deep dive into this beloved subject from their childhood. They examine historical evidence as well as some more recent evidence from the Tucker Upper documentary {The Coulter Photos). Is there really a creature out there roaming the woods and if there is. how did he get there? Do you think you know this story? We're betting you don't know the true origin of the legend!
Published 10/25/20
Round Valley Reservoir is cursed land, Suffering anguish death and disappearances have plagued the area for centuries. Mike and Maddie dive deep into the reservoir without a vest to bring you the story of New Jerseys very own Bermuda Triangle.
Published 10/03/20
Witness G joins Mike to discuss Bigfoot methodology and why we're truly not finding bigfoot. They discuss the New Jersey "UFO" footage and the Sierra Gate Footage as well Come squatching with us, what's in your kit?. Please help us grow by becoming a patron at https://www.patreon.com/user?u=8228596&fan_landing=true
Published 09/24/20
Tracie and Mike travel to Tuscorora Forest and the lost town of Pandemonium to search for Bigfoot and the spirits that haunt Pioneer Cemetery. We get some great EVP's and share some great meals with the team at Catskill Appalachian Research Collective.
Published 08/24/20
WGP busy in the field, Mike investigates McElwee Road in Moorestown NJ. with Cape Atlantic Paranormal Research and Maddie Scott tracks down the Gurdon Mystery Light legend in Gurdon Arkansas.
Published 08/14/20
Our first round table show covers the gamut of sound and how it effects are senses, scares us and can sometimes even kill us. Joining Mike and Maddie is Kevin Covington, Witness G, Mike Morrison the ghost of a child and an evil entity from beyond who imitates the host. HEADPHONES REQUIRED!!!
Published 07/12/20
Join Mike and New Co-Host Maddie Scott as they speak with witnesses Kevin and Tom about their experiences with the Jersey Devil, Possessed perpetrators and guardian angels.
Published 06/10/20
WGP releases Bonus Episode 4 of Beyond the Garden Gate. We are joined by former state trooper search coordinator, Tom as well as Alex, the owner handler with Central Jersey Canine SAR to get their view of the case of Missing Barry Zeldin and Dave, Barry's friend and part of the search, shares his story and concerns. We, here at Beyond the Garden Gate, dedicate this show to the memory of Barry Zeldin's Grandson, Taylor Zeldin, who lost his battle with cancer on Mother's day, May 10, 2020.
Published 06/03/20
Join Mike and Tracie as they talk with Air Force and Navy veterans about their close encounters. Witness G in Lakehurst, NJ and Major Rehfeldt at RAF Bentwaters in the UK.
Published 05/30/20
Mike and Tracie chat with Patreons of the show about their personal experiences with the weird and inexplicable! West Coast Penny shares stories of her experiences with poltergiest while published author, Cheryl Irvin Bills, walks through the ghost memories of her childhood.
Published 05/21/20
With so many hero first responders making such great sacrifices nowadays, we spoke to first responders with their own paranormal experiences. Join Mike as he talks to EMS professional and retired firefighter, Melissa Drewry about her ghostly experiences. Mike then shifts to his favorite subject, Bigfoot, as he chats with Robert Brooks about his experience in Florida with Sasquatch!
Published 04/19/20
Published 04/19/20
Without their knowledge two groups of local teenagers looking for a little fun have identical terrifying experiences at the Avon cemetery, years later at a high school reunion they compare stories. Mike & Tracie bring them together to share their encounters with the listeners. Lisa Hudgeons, Cheryl Bills, and Sue Babb all joined us via Zoom to share the story.
Published 04/11/20
Lions in the East? Yes, it's true. Mountain lions are in the East. Join Mike and Tracie as they discuss Aleksandar's new film, "Lions in the East" to discuss the history and sightings of mountain lions on the east coast. This resurgence has also been seen in New Jersey...Tracy Narwid joins Mike to share her experience with seeing a mountain lion right here in our own New Jersey backyard.
Published 03/24/20
Join Mike and Tracie as they speak with Bill Swales, President of the Audubon Hunt Club in Chatsworth, New Jersey, who found Barry's Blazer in Warren Grove but does not believe that Barry was ever there. He adds his own theories about Barry's disappearance.
Published 03/08/20
Join Mike as he talks giant skeletons, mothman, bigfoot, and other paranormal subjects with Les O'Dell of WV Cryptids and Strange Encounters.Mike ends the show with a terrifying encounter Charlie Larson of Sussex County Bigfoot had with a ghost!
Published 03/01/20