Episode 41 UFO Summer
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Disclosure is imminent... but is it really? Today is the day the joint Military report on the UFO phenomenon reached congress, every day in May we got drips of what it contained and it's a nothing burger. Mike and Witness G break down the triangle ufo video filmed aboard the USS Omaha, is it legit? Does it hint at a different strategy by the navy to initiate contact with the phenomenon? We think so and we'll lay it out for you.
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On May 11th 1984 the fire in the haunted castle took 8 young lives, there was ineptitude, politics and a cover up. All the main garden state ingredients for a monumental screw up. To this day nothing Great Adventure puts on the site turns a profit and we look into the many stories of an ongoing...
Published 08/10/21
We interview Tom Yohnsson of Burlco K9 SAR who lead the Search and Dave Hart an author who did his own investigation of Barry's disappearance and wrote a Book inspired by Barry's story. The NJSP would like the family to believe that Barry went into Warren Grove and got lost, had a medical...
Published 07/10/21
Some of the best EVP's we've collected and G and Mike talk about some personal experiences they've had lately. There's a surge in Disclosure information and Lake Monsters and the boys discuss what they think it all means and where we're going.
Published 04/16/21