Ep5 Beyond The Garden Gate - BARRY WAS NEVER THERE!
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We interview Tom Yohnsson of Burlco K9 SAR who lead the Search and Dave Hart an author who did his own investigation of Barry's disappearance and wrote a Book inspired by Barry's story. The NJSP would like the family to believe that Barry went into Warren Grove and got lost, had a medical emergency and perished. The NJSP would also like you to believe that several searches conducted by expertly trained personnel and air scent dogs trained to detect escaped prisoners from miles away alongside cadaver dogs trained to detect a single drop of human blood failed to detect Barry's 150 pound decaying corpse. The NJSP is under funded, under resourced and a breeding ground for the CYA attitude. Janet Zeldin as a citizen of the State of New Jersey deserves closure and we will not rest until Tuckerton Barracks gets up, out and starts asking the same questions about Barry that we are and the procedures for finding missing people in this state are radically changed. .
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