DAVID WHYTE: the insta-calm of poetry and asking beautiful questions
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David Whyte is the guy who got me into poetry; Steven Spielberg has said the same of the Irish poet and philosopher who leads hiking/poetry tours around the world and works with Sam Harris on his meditation app.David trained as a marine biologist and was a naturalist guide in the Galapagos, the Amazon and Himalayas, before becoming a professional poet because, as I heard him explain once, the language of science wasn’t largest enough to convey existence. Not long after I first read David’s writing, I was at a cafe in a small town where my nomadic journey had landed me, when a friend walked over and invited me to join him and his mate... it was David. Since then we’ve met up a few times and I hiked with him and his family in the Lake District in the footsteps of Wordsworth (I detail the hike in This One Wild and Precious Life). David’s work taught me stillness and patience, and got me to love and honour my aloneness…and introduced me to the wild idea I discuss with David in this episode: One of the most important disciplines of a human life is to ask beautiful questions…to ask them in unbeautiful moments, to ask them courageously and vulnerably.  Many of you have requested David joins my podcast and TBH, this is a very special episode.  David has just wrapped up his Sunday talking sessions he referred to in the episode, and he will be announcing more dates soon. Keep an eye on his website for details: https://davidwhyte.com/ You can get a copy of David’s book we reference in this episode Consolations here: https://amzn.to/3FeKWGS  Favourite Wild with Sarah Wilson on the LiSTNR app here https://www.listnr.com/podcasts/wild-with-sarah-wilson  Find out more about Sarah Wilson: www.sarahwilson.com Get your copy of Sarah Wilson's book This One Wild and Precious Life: A hopeful path forward in a fractured world here https://amzn.to/3vs3tf2  Connect on Instagram: www.instagram.com/_sarahwilson_   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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