BONUS EPISODE 1: Tips and guided meditation for travel
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Before we launch season 3 of Wild, here's a few bonus episodes for over the holiday period. They’re inspired by my New York Times bestselling book ‘first, we make the beast beautiful: A New Story About Anxiety’ and the first one is a rundown of the best techniques and tricks to reduce anxiety while travelling, with a quick meditation, perfect to do on planes or on the bus or in a hotel room. I’m joined by Brooke McAlary from If you’re new to meditation or think you’re bad at meditation, you might want to listen to the episode from Season 1 of Wild with Tim Brown, my meditation teacher, in which we chat the benefits of struggling with meditation:  Get your copy of my book ‘first, we make the beast beautiful: A New Story About Anxiety’ here: ​​  Follow Wild with Sarah Wilson:  Find out more about Sarah Get your copy of Sarah Wilson's book This One Wild and Precious Life: A hopeful path forward in a fractured world here  Connect on Sign up to my Substack Newsletter for more thoughts and more on Wild:     See for privacy information.
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