YAEL STONE: On loving the messiness of wokism and being wrong
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The Orange Is the New Black star and I have been IG friends, supporting each other’s climate work, for some years. In 2021 Yael Stone gave up her Green Card to combat climate change and committed to offsetting future overseas gigs by donating 50% of earnings to climate charities. Now she runs Hi Neighbour, a community platform that assists in the “just transition” for fossil fuel workers into low-carbon jobs. I have admired Yael's wildness from afar but decided it was time to meet IRL. For this conversation we sit in her garage in the small town of Bulli and discuss how much we love “wokism” intricacies, the complexities of the Geoffrey Rush case and how getting arrested as “a middle-class white lady” does no one any good. Be warned, this episode gets raw. Follow Yael on Instagram. This is best. And it’s worth watching Yael’s explainer for donating to climate charities here Here’s a link to her awesome Hi Neighbour platform, with materials for rolling out her concept in your neighbourhood. You might also like to listen to the Saul Griffith episode I mention – about how to electrify your home. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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