DR SIMON LONGSTAFF: The world needs ethical heroes (here’s how to be one)
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Dr Simon Longstaff (Philosopher, Festival of Dangerous Ideas, The Ethics Centre) is one of Australia’s most ethical thinkers. He mindfully stokes the national debate on cancel culture, corporate conduct, mask-wearing and psychedelic drugs (via his role as chair of Mind Medicine Australia). Simon guides contemporary moral thinking as the ethics commissioner for Cricket Australia, the executive director of The Ethics Centre, which advises corporates on how to make better decisions, and as a fellow of CPA Australia, the World Economic Forum and…oh, the list goes on. Simon also co-founded the contentious Festival of Dangerous Ideas! In this wonderful conversation we discuss his harrowing childhood experience with an ethical decision made by his mother and how it shaped his moral journey, how to counter “Free Speech at All Costs” evangelists and whether it’s ethical to quit Twitter... and much more! If you need to know a bit more about me… head to my "about" page Subscribe to my Substack newsletter for more such conversation Get your copy of my book, This One Wild and Precious Life  Let’s connect on Instagram! It’s where I interact the most Simon mentions 10 videos to help you navigate ethical quandaries…you’ll find them here You can join The Ethics Centre community here Learn more about the Festival of Dangerous Ideas Simon also recommends Ethi-Call. You can call for free ethical advice here Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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