You Can Eat Any Mushroom Once with Kathy Yerich — WildFed Podcast #115
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Today's guest is Kathy Yerich. She's the co-author of Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest, a field guide for lay folks in that area to use identifying fungi around them. Created specifically for the mushroom beginner — it's organized by what the mushroom looks like in order to teach people to look at all of the mushroom's features and get to know the best and easiest to identify edibles, as well as the most poisonous species. Kathy's been part of the Minnesota Mycological Society for 15 years and the North American Mycological Association for about 12 years. She's also very enthusiastic — like so many of you — about wild foods. Mushrooms for her are more than an academic interest — they're a food source. We really hope this encourages you to set some mushroom foraging goals for the coming year. Unless you're lucky enough to live in a place where mycelia fruit this time of year — in which case, get out there! Us, we're feeling committed to putting more time into mushrooming this coming season. But until then, we'll do some winter Chaga hunting and keep making Chaga tea until the snow melts away, the weather warms up and new flushes of mushrooms start pushing their way up through the forest floor again. View full show notes, including links to resources from this episode here:
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