Creating a Wild Food Marketplace with Foraged — WildFed Podcast #122
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In today's episode, Daniel is speaking to Jack and Andy of Foraged.Market, a website dedicated to high-quality specialty and wild foods from around the world. Not only is it a place where you can find and purchase wild foods from vetted, sustainable foragers, but it's also a place where you can sell your own foraged foods or products you forage! Of course, you’ve always had the ability to sell what you forage, but it's not been easy to find buyers interested in your goods. But Foraged brings buyers, looking for your products, to you. Think Etsy for wild foods. Linking sellers and buyers to one another. Imagine that you are a chef or a home cook, and you’re looking for American Matsutake mushrooms. You could simply order them on Foraged.Marketplace, trusting that they’ve come from a forager who’s been evaluated by the Foraged team, to ensure they’re using sustainable foraging practices. Or, let’s say you’ve been making birch syrup at home, and you’ve got a surplus. You could sell your product on Foraged too, with your own online store front — assuming you’ve first gone through their sustainable forging practices verification process. This is a huge leap forward for the wild foods and foraging community. Opening up avenues for the flow of these incredible, sustainable products into our food systems and empowering those who tend the wild to become more self-sufficient practicing their craft as an income source. It means chefs can more easily access the incredible ingredients that we foragers have been enjoying for years, broadening the public's palette and perception of what the wild world produces, and thereby placing value on species that might otherwise be forgotten, ensuring that at least some of these species get the attention and eventual protection they need to exist in perpetuity! It also opens up pathways for more scrutiny into the sustainability of our practices and to subtly shift the foraging world away from a taking model to more of a tending model. We've got really high hopes for what Jack and Andy are doing at Foraged and are really looking forward to the way this could positively impact the foraging world! And also to see how it might benefit you, the listener, in either accessing wild foods you’re interested in, or in sharing wild foods you love with others. View full show notes, including links to resources from this episode here:
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