No Turning Back with Avani Vitalis — WildFed Podcast #133
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Today’s episode is a very special one for Daniel. Not just because our guest is his brilliant and beautiful wife Avani Vitalis, but also because they're talking about her very first hunt. Until this spring turkey season, Avani never really imagined herself hunting. She’s been incredibly supportive of Daniel as a hunter, not just cheering him on, but helping with both practical and logistical aspects. Whether it’s been paddling the canoe on his squirrel hunts or cleaning the grinder and cutting boards after he butchers game, it's always been a team effort. But when it’s come to pressing the trigger, it’s always been him. But that changed this season when she, rather spontaneously, decided she wanted to hunt a turkey herself. Of course, they had an amazing time, hunting three days in a row, finally harvesting a turkey, breaking down her bird, and, all the while, filming it all for Season 3 of the WildFed TV show on Outdoor Channel. So, back for her second WildFed Podcast appearance, Avani and Daniel are discussing what it was like to make the transition from non-hunter to hunter. How it felt to be filmed on her first hunt. And what led to her decision. Also, a big focus of this episode is about training and preparation, and in particular, getting comfortable with weapons handling — both manipulation and marksmanship, since these can be significant obstacles to new hunters. This is a really great episode. And a perfect listen for anyone on the fence about hunting for the first time. So, if you know someone who might benefit, please share it with them. We hope it inspires you. And as Avani says in the episode, not just inspires you to hunt, but to always be challenging yourself by trying new things. It’s one of the secrets to staying cognitively young, mentally fit, and vital. View full show notes, including links to resources from this episode here:
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