Cutting Out the Middleman with New England Fishmongers — WildFed Podcast #095
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Never buy fish from a stranger. That’s the motto of our guests Tim and Kayla, AKA the New England Fishmongers.   The Fishmongers of New England have created a model that is changing the way consumers get their fish. From the boat where it's well-cared for, to the Fishmongers who cut and package it, direct to you at the farmers market or restaurant. We're hopeful that this and similar models become the norm, not only bringing the fishermen and the retail buyer closer together, but shortening the supply chain, ensuring that less of the quality, and just as important, the story, is lost in the exchange.   Seafood is, in our opinion, one of the healthiest, most nutrient dense, and physiologically most important food sources we can access. But it can also be some of the most ecologically unsustainable and, frankly, bad tasting if it’s not done right.   If you don’t hunt or raise animals, you need a good butcher. If you don’t fish or get offshore you need a good fishmonger. Fish sticks be dammed! View full show notes, including links to resources from this episode here:
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