Clippy in Prison - Brad Smith's acquisition argument, Communities, Paul's top podcasts of 2022
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There have been major moves in the Activision Blizzard drama this week Brad Smith publicly lays out Microsoft's argument for the acquisition Smith compares Sony to Blockbuster He complains about Apple and Google app stores, but this deal won't help He confirms that Microsoft offer Sony a 10-year Call of Duty contract Microsoft comes to 10-year Call of Duty agreement with Nintendo, Steam... and then heads to Washington D.C. to explain to the FTC how Sony never even responded to this offer Conclusions? Everyone is obsessed with Call of Duty but this is more about mobile than it is about COD. And Microsoft is remaining true to its vision for making games available wherever the gamers are. They did this with Minecraft, Flight Simulator, and more. And they will do this with AB's titles Windows 11 Beta channel: Builds 22623.1028 and 22621.1028 finally address long-standing game performance issues in Windows 11. Right, they supposedly fixed this in stable already. Microsoft is spamming Windows 10 users with ads for Windows 11... in the product, of course. Because slippery slope. There's even an ad in the OOBE no Microsoft Edge version 108 is here with no new features for end users Microsoft 365 Microsoft announces a free, Discord-like feature for Teams, starting on mobile. It's called Communities Xbox Microsoft announces that new AAA first-party games will be $70 starting next year Microsoft Flight Simulator hits a big milestone Here are the first Game Pass titles for December Amazon Luna customers can now stream PC-based Ubisoft games for free Tips and picks Thurrott's Top Podcasts of the Year Thurrott's Top Audiobooks of the Year Thurrott's Top Music of the Year Hosts: Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Check out Paul's blog at The Windows Weekly theme music is courtesy of Carl Franklin. Sponsors:
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In this week's Windows Weekly, Paul, Leo, and Richard discuss the extension of Windows 10 support for 3 more years after 2025 for consumers and enterprises, updates on the AI features of Copilot, Google's new AI model Gemini, potential features coming in a future Windows release next year, and...
Published 12/06/23
Published 12/06/23
On this episode, Mikah, Paul, and Richard discuss the lean tiny11 2311 project, Windows 11 updates like the new Energy Saver feature, Amazon's AI chatbot for enterprises, and Netflix's gaming service additions like GTA. Other topics covered include Xbox console deals, DuckDuckGo vs Google Search,...
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