Squirt a Little Fresh Air - Week D production-quality updates, revamped widgets board, Microsoft Teams redesign
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Week D production-quality updates, revamped widgets board, Microsoft Teams redesign Windows 11 Microsoft debuts new Windows 11 features in Preview. And now we have a new updating schedule! Coming via Canary: another Widgets UX update Surface Hub 2S is still a thing and will be upgradeable to Teams Rooms OS soon You can hide the Bing button in Edge 111.x now Microsoft 365 As expected, Microsoft announces Teams 2.0 with Apple-like improvement claims AI o' the week OpenAI announces ChatGTP plug-ins capability - Now it's a platform! Next stop: sentience Microsoft brings AI-based copilot capabilities to security pros Xbox UK CDMA: Just kidding on Microsoft's AB acquisition issues, will likely approve it Japan FTC approves Microsoft's AB acquisition without conditions Activision CEO disappointed in his best partner, Sony Microsoft announces red and blue (get it?) Elite Series 2 Core Controllers No more $1 intro offer on Xbox Game Pass Now even Xbox developers can help your console use less power Steam will drop support for Windows 7/8.x in 2024 Tips & Picks Tip of the week: Still on Windows 7/8.x? Switch to Firefox App pick of the week: Oofhours.com Media Creation tool This week on RunAs Radio: When does Multi-Cloud Make Sense with Phoummala Schmitt Brown liquor pick of the week: Dalmore 12 (Thumbnail artwork by Club TWiT member Joe Esposito) Hosts: Leo Laporte, Paul Thurrott, and Richard Campbell Download or subscribe to this show at https://twit.tv/shows/windows-weekly Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at https://twit.tv/clubtwit Check out Paul's blog at thurrott.com The Windows Weekly theme music is courtesy of Carl Franklin. Sponsors: lookout.com kolide.com/ww GO.ACILEARNING.COM/TWIT
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