Evidence suggests that humans have been brewing and drinking beer for at least 13,000 years. Whether or not you’re a staunch believer in the theory that it was beer, not bread, that prompted our early ancestors to transition from hunter-gathers to farmers, the beverage has clearly played a key role in mankind’s history. Additionally, while brewing in the United States is largely a male-dominated field, women have been integral parts of the brewing process throughout history. From goddesses...
Published 03/02/22
While the idea of a warm alcoholic beverage might be generally unappealing to some, there are classics, like the hot toddy or mulled wine, that have stood the test of time and proven themselves to be very necessary wintertime staples. In this episode, we’re trying to shake off the remaining days of winter by warming up with a tasty hot drink. Senior Digital Editor Dylan Garret and Spirits Editor Kara Newman have a very real, very candid conversation about the powers—and pitfalls—of this...
Published 02/16/22
While winter across America might be unwelcome for those who prefer sunshine and warmth, for others, the frosty conditions present a unique world of opportunity. For our three guests this week—Dave Breeden from Sheldrake Point Winery, Karlton Graham from KC Bier Co., and Eleanor Leger from Eden Specialty Ciders—the polar temperatures mean the perfect conditions for creating ice beverages like ice wine, cider and beer. With the help and expertise of our guests, Contributing Editor John Holl...
Published 02/02/22
If you or someone you know isn't drinking alcohol for any reason at all, you have options. The non-alcoholic drinks space is evolving. Bars dedicated to booze-free hospitality offer creative menus, and there are scores of spirit-free bottles of booze, beer and wine at specialty shops and digital retailers. In this episode, Associate Managing Editor Emily Saladino explores non-alcoholic drinks culture with John deBary, a semi-retired bartender who is also an author, creator and CEO of...
Published 01/19/22
With the new year here, so are resolutions to make the most of the 12 months ahead. Sure, there are many classic goals to try and achieve a better version of you, but today, we’re talking resolutions for what you pour, sip and enjoy in your glass. There are countless ways to try and drink more adventurously in the year to come, including popping open precious bottles now; exploring new drink categories or emerging regions, varieties and styles; or learning more about the products you love...
Published 01/05/22
As the end of another year rapidly approaches, one seasonal drink seems to be top of everyone’s mind: Sparkling wine. But with so many types of bubbles to choose from, how do you know where to turn? From different production techniques and variety compositions to questions of food pairings and glassware, the possibilities seem near endless. In this episode, we talk about all things sparkling, including top picks and tips for bubbly bliss.
Published 12/22/21
People love to talk about wine and food pairings, pairing complementary foods and invoking the tried-and-true mantra of “what grows together, goes together.” But maybe it’s time to take a fresh approach to pairings. Contributing Editor Virginie Boone taps Napa Valley-based wine consultant Jean Hoefliger for the best tips to pair wine and mood with a variety of personalities and occasions around the holiday season. Get ready to meet your perfect wine-mood match.
Published 12/08/21
What makes a drink festive? What makes it unique, or holiday-worthy? Is it the ingredients? The history? The people you enjoy it with? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything. Spirits Editor Kara Newman speaks with beverage pros Jackie Summers and Joanna Carpenter about what makes a drink festive, including the traditions behind it, the people who make it, and how and with whom to best enjoy it.
Published 11/24/21
Producers being known for just one thing is rapidly becoming a dated concept. “Beverage companies” is the new “it” term. While breweries diversifying their drink portfolios have become quite common, wine production is also finding a place in this new mixed-up world of wonder. In this episode, we venture down the path of blending beverage worlds. Beer Editor John Holl speaks with three winemakers who are beer-space adjacent to get the latest info on this exciting crossover space.
Published 11/10/21
In this episode, we explore the world of aromatic white wines from California's Central Coast. Contributing Editor Matt Kettmann speaks with John Niven, Owner/Winemaker at Cadre Wines, about these delicious and exciting selections.  From super racy and stony Rieslings to strong examples of Gewürztraminer, Grüner Veltliner and Albariño, there's a bevy of beautiful, ethereal pours from the expansive region to behold, all deserving of your attention.
Published 10/27/21
For our 100th episode, we turned to some of our most opinionated staff editors to collect 100 recommendations for wines we love. Whether it’s a special occasion, an achievement earned, a milestone reached or just making it through a Monday, we talk about some of our favorite pours to pop and enjoy right now to make every moment, no matter how big or small, deliciously count. From Baja Garnacha and Special Club Champagne to global Riesling and stellar South African pours, here are our recs.
Published 10/13/21
While we all love getting out and about, the past year has forced us to rethink the communal status quo and consider how we can connect without being in the same physical space. Enter the internet and all of the possibility it holds to create virtual gathering spaces. We speak to Laura Brown of Uncorked Access and Vin Social; and Alex Schrecengost of Virtual With Us and Culture With Us, about our redefined expectations on what it means to wine together while remaining apart.
Published 09/29/21
Above all other established styles, all of the trends, all of the brewer wishes, the India pale ale remains the best-selling style in the craft beer space. Why is it so popular and why is it seemingly unstoppable? Beer Editor John Holl speaks with three people from this year’s 40 Under 40 list—Lisa Allen of Heater Allen Brewing, Bill Shufelt of Athletic Brewing, and Doug Veliky of Revolution Brewing in Chicago, IL—about the good, the bad and the in between on all things IPA.
Published 09/15/21
In this episode, Associate Managing Editor Emily Saladino speaks with 40 Under 40 honorees Shanika Hillocks and Isis Daniel about the role of social media in wine business and culture. What makes for compelling social content in the wine world, and how can wine companies, professionals and casual drinkers better harness the power of Instagram, TikTok and beyond? Hillocks and Daniel share tips from their work as social media experts and discuss where they see social wine communities headed.
Published 09/01/21
Over the past few years, hard seltzer has taken over the drinks world. Has the bubble burst? Or, is it about to take a different shape? Say hello to wine-based seltzers. While most hard seltzers are made from fermented sugars, specifically malt, these drinks use wine as a boozy base. And more winemakers are getting into the seltzer game. To explore this space, Managing Editor Lauren Buzzeo speaks with Andrew Nelson, Managing Partner and President at War Room Cellars.
Published 08/18/21
A lot has happened in the South African wine industry over the past year-plus. It has faced multiple starts and stops to alcohol sale, transport and export. Simultaneously, the country has maintained international relationships and further honed-in on its own brand, leading to improved quality overall. Managing Editor Lauren Buzzeo catches up on the current state of South African wine with Jim Clarke, Marketing Manager for trade group WOSA USA as well as author of the book The Wines of South...
Published 08/04/21
In this episode, we take a look at how to make summer entertaining extra special this year. Associate Managing Editor of Print Layla Schlack talks to Cory Holt, a sommelier with Union Square Hospitality Group and founder of Bridges Wine Culture consulting, and Tahiirah Habibi, founder of Hue Society and a previous 40 Under 40 honoree, about crowd-pleasing bottles that go with anything you might be serving at your barbecue or picnic, as well as what to bust out to make any summer gathering...
Published 07/21/21
Though largely associated with big, international brewing companies, lagers are having a craft moment. To tap into the trend, Beer Editor John Holl speaks with Todd DiMatteo of Good Word Brewing & Public House in Georgia, and Khristopher Johnson of Green Bench Brewery in Florida, about the current state of American craft lagers. From familiar styles with new-age hops to collaborations that revive forgotten substyles, grab a pint of your favorite cold one and enjoy this lager lowdown.
Published 07/07/21
Winemakers across Italy produce a wide range of sparkling wines. But with so much variety, it can be a little tricky to know exactly what kind of final wine you should expect in any given glass. To help break it down, Tasting Director Alexander Peartree talks with Giuseppe LoCascio about four of the country’s prominent sparkling wine selections: Prosecco, Franciacorta, Trentodoc and Lambrusco. They cover what sets each of these sparkling wines apart, and why they are great go-tos for any...
Published 06/23/21
In this episode, Associate Managing Editor of Digital, Emily Saladino, speaks with sommelier and natural wine consultant Margot Mazur and The Lotus and the Vines founder Larissa Dubose. The three discuss how climate change and last year’s wildfires played a vital role in how winemakers pivoted from full-bodied reds to rosés with minimal skin contact. They also explore the style’s recent history, popularity and where might the great pink wave be off to next.
Published 06/09/21
Australia has a long history of wine production, but broad understanding of Australia’s winemaking origins, especially the influence of Aboriginal culture, is sparse, and the contributions of the First Nations People of Australia are often overlooked or undervalued. To discuss this history and how programs and producers are advancing modern dialogues, Contributing Editor Christina Pickard speaks to drinks industry veterans Curly Haslam-Coates and Gary Green.
Published 05/26/21
In this episode, we go a little deep and talk about a somewhat philosophical question. Is wine art? Wine drinkers often romanticize the art and poetry of winemaking, but it’s impossible to ignore the science behind wine production. Care to fall down this rabbit hole with us? Managing Editor Lauren Buzzeo speaks to Winemaker/Vineyard Manager Rachel Rose of Bryn Mawr Vineyards in Salem, Oregon, to discuss the reality of making wine, and if what’s in the bottle can truly be considered art.
Published 05/12/21
“Natural wines” are increasingly bantered about these days, but in cool-climate regions like Germany, with highly challenging weather and disease issues, making wines “au naturel” can be a risky proposition. For some, it's a must-do labor of love, and we explore why. Contributing Editor Anna Lee Iijima speaks with two producers from the Pfalz wine region in western Germany who champion such change: Bettina Bürklin-von Gurazdi of Dr. Bürklin-Wolf, and Hans and Valentin Rebholz from the Rebholz...
Published 04/28/21
Natural wine often falls into a love it or hate it conversation, but why? In search of answers, we talk to Meri Lugo of Domestique Wine shop, a retailer from the natty side, and Charles Springfield, a somm who deals in more traditional bottles, to find out what it is about this category that inspires such heated debate. We discuss some of the perceptions and misunderstandings among natural and conventional wine lovers, as well as how one can get over the hump to expand your palate.
Published 04/14/21
The second in our two-part series to honor Women’s History Month, this episode features some of the leading ladies of the California wine scene who are driving the industry forward. Contributing Editor Virginie Boone speaks with Amanda Wittstrom Higgins, president/founder of Dream Big Darling, cofounder of Wine Speak Paso Robles and VP of operations at Ancient Peaks Winery, and Ana Keller of Keller Estate, about respecting the land and the community around you, and how organizations can...
Published 03/31/21