Ep. 58. / Stadt Krems: How can an Austrian city own and manage a world-class winery?
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How can a city have a winery and top it all an outstanding one? Well this time, I sat down with Peter Mandl from the winery Stadt Krems from the Kremstal region in Lower Austria. Stadt means city in German, so this winery word for word bears the name of this artistic town on the shore of the River Danube, just on the edge of the Wachau region. In this episode, you can hear vintage recommendations from the area, learn about the steepest and most cherished cultivated vineyards in Krems and how do they taste like, and of course, how does a quite small city manage to administer such a top-notch winery that the entire city can be proud of. Enjoy! Timeline: 1:13 - Small talk & Introduction 3:35 - How can a city have a winery? & History of the winery 10:38 - Specific Terroir of Stadt Krems & Viticultural Practices 17:08 - Main Export Markets & Demand 21:23 - Signature Wine Style of Stadt Krems & Ageability 30:16 - Best Crus & Recommended Wines & Wachtberg & Grillenparz 38:21 - Steepest Vineyard in Krems & the oldest planting 42:13 - Peter's Favorite Stadt Krems Wine 43:46 - Best Vintages & Benefits of Colder Vintages 48:03 - Which wines does Peter enjoy the most? 50:53 - Organic Viticulture & Plans for the Future 59:07 - Final Words | Guest: Peter Mandl | Stadt Krems | Wine Ghosts Instagram: @wineghosts | Support & Get Exclusive on the Wine Ghosts Patreon Site: https://www.patreon.com/wineghosts | Join the Wine Ghosts Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/wineghosts/ | Wine Ghosts' Channels (Instagram, Podcast etc.): https://linktr.ee/wineghosts
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