Winter of Discontent - A Beatles Podcast
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Returning from lunch the Beatles get their teeth into Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. The song begins to outstay its welcome for the first time. We also learn about an encounter from their pre fame days that’s not so well known.
Published 01/27/23
January 8th 1969. It’s George’s turn to lead the band thru rehearsals of All Things Must Pass. Buoyed by the mornings dress rehearsal John is more active and impatient than he’s been since the start of the sessions. He also brings in a New/Old song.
Published 01/13/23
January 8th 1969. The Beatles give a dress rehearsal of the songs they have so far. It’s the most positive, upbeat and productive they’ve been so far. We also learn about a certain publishers interest in cocktails.
Published 12/30/22