Winter of Discontent- A Beatles Podcast - Trailer
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My name is Nick and I’ll be your guide as we take a trip back in time to January 1969 and the recordings of the Beatles Get Back project. We’ll get a chance to listen to the conversations and learn what really happened during those sessions, without having to endure endless tuneless jams. Coming to your Podcast platform 1st January 2021
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The finale of season two. It’s tea-time January 3rd 1969 and The Beatles set about learning one more new song before finishing for the day. Paul switches to piano, George picks up a bass and Michael tries to spell out his concerns.
Published 09/23/21
Jan. 3rd 1969. Work continues on All Things Must Pass. It’s early evening so a glass or two is raised. And a conversation about jazz leads George to start talking about the great organist in Ray Charles’ Band who’ll soon become a major part of this project.
Published 09/09/21
More work on All Things Must Pass, George settles on a guitar, John has a go at the drums, Paul finally gets involved and the Raelettes make an appearance.
Published 08/26/21