Designing a rebrand can feel overwhelming and complicated, and if you get it wrong, your business takes a hit. This is exactly the challenge facing Mickaela Allison-Aliifua. She launched “Avie Daisy Designs” in 2020 as a hobby. Her custom beaded pet collars are inspired by traditional beadwork from her Navajo heritage. But as business picks up steam, she wants to grow bigger and bolder - and she feels like the Avie Daisy brand doesn’t quite capture her vision. She wants to rename, redesign,...
Published 08/29/22
Hangover Coffee’s branding is pretty slick, but it’s missing a personal touch. Founders Natalie Ma and Melody Jung have focused most of their design efforts on marketing their pour over coffee pouches with bold product shots and videos, but as a result, their social content doesn’t say much about who’s behind the company. They want their design to share more of their story to connect with customers and stand out from the pack. But how can they design a more personal brand?
Published 08/22/22
Published 08/22/22
Jon’s business, Plant Man P, is a melding of his two passions: streetwear and houseplants. It’s a unique combination, but it means that Jon’s audience is fractured: the houseplant crowd don’t resonate as much with his streetwear posts, and vice versa. As a result, Jon is stumbling through efforts to design great content. Should he try to please everyone, all the time? Or can we help him find a design strategy to hone in on his target audience?
Published 08/15/22
Therapist Adriana Alejandre is great at helping patients refresh their mindsets and improve their mental health. But when it comes to her own branding, she feels stuck in the past and just stuck creatively. Her mental health org, Latinx Therapy, has grown in leaps and bounds since it was founded in 2018, and it’s time for a branding update. Khoi’s challenge today is helping Adriana feel inspired to create a new look that represents the breadth of the Latinx population and herself, so Latinx...
Published 08/08/22
Juliana’s social media content is, as she says, a mess. The color, typeface, and style are inconsistent, and her message is getting lost. As a realtor, she finds great satisfaction working with first-time homebuyers, and she wants to be an educational resource for her clients online, making the process of home ownership less intimidating. But the process of designing engaging educational content on her social feeds overwhelms her. If Juliana wants to teach her clients about the market, she...
Published 08/01/22
Will Humphrey, aka Will on a Whim, grew up in foster care where none of his foster parents knew how to care for his natural hair. So he’s on a mission to change that for the next generation, creating funny, lively hair content on Youtube and Tiktok. And he’s really good at it - to quote one of our guests from this episode, Will’s content is “fire.” But his website, where he sells the merch to fund this mission, is a different story. Or, rather, it doesn’t tell much of a story at all. It’s...
Published 07/25/22
This season, we zoom in on how good design supports the small businesses we believe in. Khoi Vinh, our series host and Adobe senior director of design meets six young entrepreneurs struggling to brand their small business. He pairs them with successful creators who share secrets to designing content that gets noticed. And then Khoi connects with a professional designer and swaps design ideas to help empower our entrepreneurs, and our listeners level-up their design chops. This season is...
Published 07/18/22
If Comic Sans showed up at a house party, would it be welcome or shown the door? In this episode, the Wireframe team parties down with a wild array of fonts, good and bad, to learn about the rise of novelty typefaces like Comic Sans and the proliferation of the now all-too-familiar geometric sans serif typeface. They’ll find out what the popularity of these fonts says about how we think about the role of typography in today’s world.
Published 06/21/21
Do you know what “flatten the curve” means? If so, it’s likely in part due to the hard work by data visualization designers over the last year. Our society is now more data driven than ever; as everything is quantified, counted, and dumped into spreadsheets, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by numbers. Data visualization designers work to sort through the numbers using both science and creativity to find the stories they have to tell, and help us understand the world a little better. But what...
Published 06/07/21
Do you keep your iPhone boxes—or toss them? This simple question sparked a heated debate on Twitter earlier this year that, at its heart, is really about the role that the design of packaging plays in our lives. At the same time, online shopping keeps gaining huge momentum, especially during the pandemic. And that’s changing how we interact with the boxes arriving on our doorsteps, and the way packaging designers think about the products we buy.
Published 05/24/21
The Black Lives Matter movement has mobilized countless people all over the world in the urgent fight for true racial justice and equality, one of the most important issues of our time. In this episode, host Khoi Vinh and producers Dominic Girard and Pippa Johnstone examine the intersection of BLM and the world of design and creativity. They unpack the challenge of building a brand around an expansive social movement, investigate the role that art, craft, and design can play in the struggle,...
Published 05/10/21
An entirely new user experience has been designed for people who want to exercise from home. By combining touchscreens and apps with stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, punching bags, strength trainers - even smart mirrors - a new category of exercise has created millions of new fitness buffs. But is the UX of fitness something truly revolutionary, or is it just the latest fad from an industry with a history of fads?
Published 04/26/21
When Burger King launched its new logo and branding identity this winter, a lot of people said the new look felt retro, even nostalgic. But was that really what the King had in mind for its new brand? In our season launch episode, host Khoi Vinh and producers Pippa Johnstone and Dominic Girard investigate the creative upsides and the pitfalls of using nostalgia to inform your design choices.
Published 04/12/21
Wireframe is back with a fresh season all about design and creativity.
Published 04/05/21
The fundamental design feature of a democratic society is a citizen's right to vote. But ensuring that every person is able to vote is not as easy as it seems. Everything from how you design a paper ballot, build an electronic terminal, process a mail-in ballot, engineer a public space for private voting, and so on, brings hundreds of complicated design decisions. We look at how design choices are sometimes at odds with political ones.
Published 09/21/20
A third of America's population struggles to sleep through the night. For many of us, stress and anxiety play a big role in that. Some designers believe they can help us tackle these problems and calm our minds. The sleep-aid market is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it's no wonder companies are trying to design solutions for us. But can apps and gadgets designed to help us sleep, and keep us calm, really help? Or are they just a kind of digital snake oil?
Published 09/07/20
On just one day this Spring, at the height of global stay-at-home orders for Covid-19, Americans watched 27 billion minutes of streaming video. Dozens of online streaming services court us with an ever increasing amount of television and film content. And yet, more streaming services are coming online. But in the battle to win over subscribers (and our subscription dollars), how much of a role can good UX interface design play in crowning a video streaming champion? Does the best interface...
Published 08/24/20
As the pandemic created health and employment crises, a lot of people found themselves in urgent need of financial help. As a result, crowdfunding platforms are proving more popular than ever. They create personal connections between those of us asking for help, and those of us with money to give. We look at how platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Patreon and Chuffed deploy different strategies in their UX design to encourage us to give, and give more.
Published 08/10/20
Your dad’s dog is barking in the background, but he doesn't know how to mute his video chat. Your uncle can’t get Netflix working on his new SmartTV. And grandma still can’t find where her favorite songs are stored on her tablet. Why is your family always depending on you for tech support? Sometimes design, technology, and getting older doesn't add up. And if design is failing older generations, it will eventually fail us all.
Published 07/27/20
With our first episode, we tackle the Covid-19 pandemic question directly: how has it affected designers and the work they do? Our episode explores the changing nature of work from a designer's perspective. We also examine what it means to design during a pandemic - and how our anxieties and concerns intersect with the responsibilities UX designers already have in making technology work better for us.
Published 07/13/20
With the pandemic, the user experience of life has changed. It has affected how we feel, how we communicate, how we think and how we entertain ourselves. This season, we examine how good UX design can help technology support some very current anxieties. Can design help us sleep? Can it encourage us to be more charitable? Can it solve our family tech support conundrums? Can it entertain us with better online content? And come November, can it help us vote?
Published 07/06/20
Can an app really help you fall in love? Sometimes using a dating app feels like getting hit by cupid’s arrow - and sometimes it feels like you’ve been stung. We talk to designers and daters to see whether the UX of these apps is meant to help you find that someone special, or just to keep you swiping left indefinitely.
Published 10/22/19
The world of FUI or fantasy user interface design is responsible for on-screen depictions of UX. Like the heads up displays for superheroes, or what a hacker sees as she cracks the government’s mainframe. All of these worlds are designed by someone. But, when it comes to designing these worlds, the lines between fiction and reality are often blurred. How do FUI designers create the futures we see on screen, and how do they influence the traditional designers who are building our real-life...
Published 10/15/19
Design critics Jessica Helfand and Emily Heyward, founder of Red Antler, discuss what's at stake when everything looks the same -- and what designers can do about it.
Published 10/08/19