Regenerative Agriculture: Digging Deep
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What does the health of soil have to do with our health? How do we make choices that help heal the land if we're not farmers? And is "regenerative agriculture" just a trendy term or is there substance and merit to it? Robby Sansom is the co-founder and CEO of Force of Nature. Today he goes over key components of regenerative agriculture and the difference it makes for the health of the planet and those populating it. Robby discusses the five principles of soil health and contrasts them with how the soil is treated in the conventional agricultural model. He shares startling statistics: how 80% of our food has lost its nutritional value and how the United Nations has said there are only 60 years of food production left. He covers the implications of these numbers, and he explains how these make the regenerative agriculture movement more critical than ever. Check out the website Become a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation See our sponsors: Redmond Real Salt, Marithyme Seafood Company, Optimal Carnivore
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