Regenerative Eating
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Eating quality pasture-raised meat can help heal the planet and our bodies. This is what it did for Taylor Collins, the co-founder of Force of Nature Meats, and a former vegan. Taylor today debunks myths propagated about the deleterious effects of meat on our health and on the land. He explains that animals are an integral part of the process of regenerative agriculture by sequestering carbon, re-vitalizing soil, and increasing environmental biodiversity. He also explains how eating meat is a regenerative act for the human body, since it abounds in nutrients that build muscles and improve hormonal and cognitive function. Not all meat is equal, he hastens to remind us.. Its provenance affects its quality and its effect on the earth. Go to for more on their mission and for resources. Take the podcast survey See our sponsors: Redmond Real Salt, Paleo Valley, Optimal Carnivore
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