How to Get Better Sleep
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How do caffeine and alcohol affect sleep? Is it better to skip a late-night workout, if it's going to shortchange our sleep? Do melatonin supplements work? Devin Burke, the author of The Sleep Advantage, coaches high achievers and exhausted insomniacs all over the world to get better sleep. Today he coaches us, answering the questions above and offering his insights on how to improve our sleep quality. Devin tells us why sleep is essential for improved energy, performance, and good health, and he offers practical tips for getting deeper, more restorative sleep (even if the time in bed doesn't change). Devin shares his 3-2-1 sleep method--a simple approach that has helped countless people sleep more profoundly. Finally, he reviews the relationship between our sleep quality and stress levels during the day. And he warns us of the risk we take with our health when we don’t prioritize sleep. Check out Devin's website: Get a free copy of the Wise Traditions journal. See our sponsors: Smart Dots, RaOptics, Optimal Carnivore
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