S2E14: Data Management Episode 2
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The saga continues. In this episode we talk about the data management steps you’ll need to consider after you’ve collected your data. We talk a lot about data entry, including the science of how to do it well. We also discuss data merging, data cleaning, and the concept of “release” datasets. Finally, because it seems no episode is complete without Sara discovering something to be shocked about regarding Jess’s approach to science, we talk about the importance of backing up your data. Resources: Recent working group on data management led by Tara Reynolds and Chris: Paper about data entry methods is new in 2020, and cites a whole (fascinating!) history of similar work: Barchard, K. A., Freeman, A. J., Ochoa, E., & Stephens, A. K. (2020). Comparing the accuracy and speed of four data-checking methods. Behavior research methods, 52(1), 97-115. A “merging error that went wrong” was actually an ID mixup, read about it here Sanjay Srivastava’s blog post: “Science is more interesting when it’s true” Data sharing paper by Jess and Sara and Chris Connect with the podcast on twitter @within_between, or email us letters about developmental science at [email protected] More episodes and podcast information at WithinandBetweenPod.com. Follow Dr. Hart on twitter @Saraannhart Follow Dr. Logan on twitter @Jarlogan. Our theme music was composed by Jason Flowers. Our logo was created by Nathan Archer. This is Season 2, Episode 14, It was recorded March 21st 2021
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