Caragh McMurtry on her autism diagnosis.
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She talks to Nuala McGovern about how she’s learned to cope with the condition in the elite sports world as well as the work she’s been doing to support other neurodivergent athletes to fulfil their potential. There’s a new book out, The Equal Parent: how sharing the load helps the family thrive. Paul Morgan-Bentley, head of investigations at The Times, explores why it’s still so rare in this country for parents to spread or split the responsibility of parenthood, particularly early parenthood, and why it’s still expected that women should shoulder this pretty much alone. With him to discuss this and to explore ways the parental load could or should be spread more equally is writer and journalist Nell Frizzell who also has a book out: Holding the Baby: Milk, sweat and tears from the frontline of motherhood. Lexi is an NHS nurse and mum of four, who succeeded in challenging ‘no kids’ barriers in the private rental market on the grounds that such bans disproportionately affect women. Going forward, the Property Ombudsman has determined that blanket bans on renting to families are in breach of its Code of Practice. This news comes as the charity Shelter publishes data which shows 1 in 5 parents in England have been unable to rent somewhere they wanted in the last five years because they have children. Lexi tells her story and we hear from the solicitor Jo Underwood. Presenter: Nuala McGovern Producer: Lisa Jenkinson Studio Manager: Sue Maillot
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