Dr. Heidi Steltzer talks about Mountain Science, Exploring, and being a Listener
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The chat I had with Dr. Heidi Stelzer was very fascinating as she took me into her hilarious personal experiences and deep into the field of mountain sciences.  Dr. Heidi Steltzer is a mountain scientist, explorer, and science storyteller. She has spent 25 years conducting field studies in remote regions of Colorado, Alaska, Greenland and recently China to understand how mountain ecosystems are unique and valued regions of our world. Dr. Heidi Steltzer is a lead author on High Mountain Areas in a recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and has testified before US Congress on climate change. In January 2020, she testified before the US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology about the Climate Crisis. Find her on social media @heidimountains.  National Geographic, 2019, https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2019/09/ipcc-report-climate-change-affecting-ocean-ice/ The Colorado Sun, 2019: https://coloradosun.com/2020/01/21/climate-change-water-snow-modeling-crested-butte/
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