Ep. 5 Soccer Fanatic to Education Enthusiast
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A full-time bio-engineering student juggling volunteer work and a job as a yoga instructor, Kai Ooi gets candid about her journey through her chosen STEM field of bioengineering. She discusses how she prioritized her education over her soccer career back when she was a student at Seattle University.
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Math major Blanca Viña Patiño discusses her journey from the arts to mathematics, describing her feelings about what it is truly like to be a “woman in math,” mainly demonstrating to us the division between men and women in this field.
Published 02/13/18
Published 02/13/18
Sapna Cheryan is an associate professor of social psychology at the University of Washington. Her research is about the role of cultural stereotypes in causing and perpetuating racial and gender disparities in U.S. society. She discusses in detail what her research is about, the results and data...
Published 01/30/18