The inventor of the rock logo and why Rick Wakeman’s owed a fortune
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In which we choose a new National Anthem, tell the story of Hamish Grimes and the Clapton graffito, salute the best moments in Frasier and feel the powerful effect of the 'You Can All Join In' sampler on male fashion. Plus … swearing, albums to test your hi-fi and David Hepworth’s fantasy rock band in 1963.   Our Spotify playlist of new National Anthems … Subscribe to Word In Your Ear on Patreon and receive every future Word Podcast before the rest of the world - and with full visuals!: Get bonus content on Patreon See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Entertainments, thrills and diversions at the end of the rock and roll seaside pier this week include …   Things we want to see in a Bob Dylan museum.   Why the upcoming Spinal Tap sequel fills us with excitement and dread in equal measure.   The pub in Cornwall that Vogue magazine tried to...
Published 05/17/22
Published 05/17/22
The dazzling super trouper of gentle enquiry is trained this week upon:-   Our recent encounter with John Lydon – his high viz shirt, his smoking habit and his usefully commercial righteous indignation about the upcoming Danny Boyle-directed ‘Pistol’ TV series.   Why Spinal Tap was a blessing and...
Published 05/12/22