Happy International Women's Day! Join Mary and her closest advisers from Portas Agency as they offer advice and guidance for a range of talented women working in UK business today - plus a familar voice surprises the team...    
Published 03/08/20
Published 03/08/20
The founder of Richer Sounds is one of the UK's leading lights of responsible capitalism - in this interview with Mary, he takes us through the way he has run his business, why he decided to give control to his employees, and the launch of the Good Business Charter. Elsewhere in the last episode of this series, we join Mary and colleague Emily Bryce Perkins (Portas Agency's culture director) at the firm's Christmas party preparations, and reflect on a decade of change in UK retail and culture.
Published 12/16/19
The CEO of Europe's biggest media agency, with a staff of over 4000, Josh Krichefski speaks to Mary and Portas Agency's Culture Director Emily Bryce-Perkins about the stories they share about mental health, and how it's raised awareness and empathy in the company. Plus, there's a surprise guest in the final moments of the show (at least, it's a surprise for him).
Published 12/09/19
British Jamaican entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid has founded two successful businesses and shows no sign of slowing down. In this empowering conversation, she discusses the origins of WAH Nails, Beautystack and the role family and friends have played in her career. Meanwhile, Mary is live in New York, and Portas' Culture Director Emily Bryce-Perkins has some troubling feedback from a previous episode. 
Published 12/02/19
The first woman in charge of insurer Lloyds of London talks to Mary Portas and Portas Agency's culture director Emily Bryce Perkins about how she got to the top of this 333 year-old financial institution - and what all women can learn from her experience. Discover more about Portas at portasagency.com
Published 11/25/19
The editor of Men's Health, the UK's best selling men's magazine, chats to Mary Portas and her culture director Emily Bryce-Perkins about the challenges men face in an equal society. Plus, there's talk on Christmas windows, the new Harvey Nichols documentary and why Anita Roddick should have been a Dame.
Published 11/18/19
Theatre director and founder of the Women Of The World festival Jude Kelly drops in to Portas to speak to Mary about her new project, the WOW foundation. Also on the show, Mary is joined by Emily Bryce-Perkins, co-host and Culture Director of Mary’s creative agency and consultancy Portas, to discuss Marks & Spencers' latest figures and Microsoft Japan's four-day week experiement.
Published 11/11/19
The UK's most popular psychotherapist joins Mary and Emily Bryce-Perkins, co-host and Culture Director of Mary’s creative agency and consultancy Portas, to learn what parenting techniques can be applied in boardrooms, too. Plus, in this first episode of a new series, we workshop Mary's upcoming TED talk, learn who's doing business with kindness and hear an amazing piece of advice from a 91-year-old.
Published 11/04/19
Telegraph writer Bryony Gordon had hidden her true self from others, and herself, for many years - until finally, one day, she wrote a column about her experiences of alcoholism, OCD and anxiety. Mary & Emily speak to Bryony about how her colleagues, bosses, friends and family reacted to her 'coming out' and how she came to own the skin that she's in, taking thousands with her as she told her story. This is the last episode of the first series - be sure to listen to the other wonderful...
Published 07/09/19
What kind of a podcast would we be if there wasn't a little treat every now and then? In this episode, Mary Portas and Emily Bryce-Perkins introduce two extracts from the book, Work Like A Woman, which inspired this podcast. This audiobook extract is published by Penguin. For more information, and to buy your copy, visit their website.
Published 07/01/19
The chief executive of Greggs, Roger Whiteside OBE, joins Mary and Emily to discuss how he's grown the baker, but not at the expense of his workforce. Over his career he's seen the worst excesses of alpha management culture... yet kept true to himself. How did he do it, and what can we all learn?
Published 06/24/19
Mary & Emily return to The Attic to talk POLITICS... and are joined by a campaigner who, amongst many notable achievements, persuaded the Bank of England to put Jane Austin on the £10 note. Now Caroline Criado Perez - OBE, don't you know - is on a mission to address the huge disparities in scientific research between men and women, and how that affects our everyday life. Her book, Invisible Women, is out now.
Published 06/17/19
This week we bring you a special edition of Work Like A Woman, where Mary was interviewed by broadcaster Miranda Sawyer in front of a live audience at the Shaw Theatre, London. Together they discuss Mary's roots, her progression through some of the most well-known high street brands, to the highs and lows that brought her to this point. Thanks to Penguin Random House for producing this live event, the staff at the Shaw Theatre, and our sponsors Natwest. To find out more just search NatWest:...
Published 06/10/19
What does it take to hold a room? The world of stand-up comedy is still dominated by male comedians, but as writer-turned-comic Viv Groskop tells Mary Portas, it's all about finding your voice. Also on the programme, we peak behind the scenes of The Work Like A Woman book tour and Mary reveals the many names she's been called in the workplace. Thanks to the sponsors of this episode, Natwest. Find out more about how they're rethinking business here.
Published 06/03/19
Journalist and author Elizabeth Day made, as we all do, some questionable decisions when she started in her chosen career - some were in her power to change... others less so. In our feature interview this week Elizabeth tells us how those mistakes shaped her and how it helped shape her voice. Plus, Mary & head of culture Emily Bryce-Perkins discuss the week in business (including Jamie Oliver's recent misfortune) and we hear about the time Mary tried selling Kinky Knickers to a rather...
Published 05/27/19
Everyone in the UK is entitled to ask for flexible working hours - but most of the time that request is denied. Mary and Emily sit down with Flex Appeal founder Anna Whitehouse (aka Mother Pukka) to discover what we can do to change the culture.   Plus: Mary delivers her verdict on the week's business news, including the recent goings on at Richer Sounds.
Published 05/20/19
Alongside colleague Emily Bryce-Perkins and a host of guests from Bryony Gordon to Elizabeth Day, Mary Portas solves your workplace disputes and learns from our collective mistakes.
Published 05/09/19