Pirate Erotic Story Part 3
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"Can’t get enough of these stories. Very alluring." This story does contain graphic descriptions of anal sex and intense sexual pleasure. What if you were stuck between times with the man of your fantasies? Whichever way you go, one of you will never be ablot go home. Catherine and William face the wall of sea fog, the gateway to their personal hell. For one of them is damnation. A prison from which they can never escape. Which way would you choose? For uninterrupted pleasure you can join me at the Wylde VIP Club, https://wyldeinbed.com/vip-clubs/
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"my regular piece of sideaction." This story does contain graphic descriptions of public sex, female domination, cunnilingus and adult games Cassie has a normal life. A boring, mundane existence. But every now and then it gets too much and she needs to escape. To become the woman she knows...
Published 12/02/22
"EVERYTHING about this podcast is so unbelievably GOOD." This story does contain graphic descriptions of oral sex, spanking and orgasm denial. Javier Vidal is working toward bringing the most influential man in the nation’s capital down. His father has monopolized the media industry, which...
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