To kick off our content following YJBM’s March 2021 Issue on Preventative Medicine, Wes interviews Dr. Emma Pierson. Dr. Pierson is a computationalist and multidisciplinary scientist pairing novel methodologies with equally novel datasets to understand human health disparity and racial and economic inequality. Dr. Pierson is also a repeat contributor to science in the news, writing for outlets such as The New York Times, FiveThirtyEight, The Atlantic, and The Washington Post, among others....
Published 04/07/21
In this episode, co-hosts Kelsie and Victoria Harries discuss “what makes a good mom” from pregnancy to birthing choices. They cover how the definition of a good mom has changed over the past century and how the standards for moms has only increased, along with the number of choices a mother/soon-to-be mother has to make. … Continue reading YJBM Does Sex Ed: What Makes a Good Mother →
Published 03/12/21
In this episode, co-hosts Carrie Ann and Emma discuss six steps in the basic biology of fertilization. They also discuss the history of fertilization research and the often overlooked active role of the egg in the process.
Published 02/22/21
In this installment of our YJBM Sex Education series, hosts Felicia and Chelsea bust some myths surrounding sex for pleasure and go into why humans have sex, the biology and evolution behind orgasms, sex differences in experiencing pleasure, the biochemistry behind pleasure, and the importance of conversations around pleasure in sexual health research and sex … Continue reading YJBM Sex Ed- Episode 1: Sex for Pleasure →
Published 02/15/21
How do animals use their skin? Why can their skin be so weird? And why can lizards regrow their tails? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast, where hosts Elizabeth Nand, Kelsie Cassell, Carrie Ann Davison, and Devon Wasche discuss the skin … Continue reading Skin Episode 1: Non-Human Skin →
Published 11/03/20
Most people appreciate that studying for a PhD in public health is a very difficult and often frustrating endeavor. However, most students don’t anticipate getting a PhD at a time when so many people clearly disregard public health experts. In this episode, Mallory Ellingson, a 2nd-year PhD student at the Yale School of Public Health, … Continue reading Getting a PhD in public health is frustrating →
Published 09/24/20
In celebration of 150 years of women at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and 50 years of women at Yale College, hosts Kelsie, Carrie Ann, and Emma highlight the first seven women to receive PhDs at Yale, the life and scholarship of Otelia Cromwell, the first African American woman to receive a … Continue reading Special Episode: 50WomenatYale150: The First Female PhDs at Yale →
Published 09/11/20
In this episode, hosts Kelsie, Carrie Ann, and Emma highlight six women in science who have inspired them. These women are Janaki Ammal, Barbara McClintock, Rachel Carson, Gladys West, Mae C. Jemison, and Marci Bowers. The work of these scientists spans botany, cytogenetics, science communication, computer programming, space travel, and surgical advancements.
Published 09/11/20
In this episode, hosts Mallory and Kelsie discuss the challenges and history of including women in clinical trials. Particularly focusing on the lack of female inclusion in early PreP drug trials and what this means for the future of women in clinical trials.
Published 09/11/20
In this episode, Kelsie interviews Dr. Jordan Sloshower, a psychiatrist and researcher at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Sloshower co-founded the Yale Psychedelic Science Group and is currently an investigator and therapist in two clinical trials of psilocybin-assisted therapy in the treatment of major depressive disorder and a clinical trial for the use of MDMA … Continue reading Medicinal Plants: Interview with Dr. Jordan Sloshower →
Published 09/11/20
In this episode, Kelsie and Felicia interview the authors of an Essential Oils and Health Review, featured in YJBM’s June 2020 Medicinal Plants issue. Tyler Ramsey, Tibor Nagy, Kevin Chambers and Carrie Shropshire discuss both the benefits and concerns regarding essential oils and the role they might play in medicine. As medical students at Campbell … Continue reading YJBM Medicinal Plants Issue: Tyler Ramsey et al. Interview →
Published 08/11/20
Although we typically cover topics that address the biomedical sciences, epidemiology, and healthcare practice, it is no secret that the systemic biases, residential segregation, violent responses to protesting, and further injustices that we see today all drive healthcare inequality and inform the topics and methods of research/practice for our audience. In light of the recent … Continue reading YJBM Special Series: Racism and Health – Episode 2: Interview with Dr. Monica Bell →
Published 08/04/20
In this episode, Wes interviews Dr. Anja Loizaga-Velder. Dr. Loizaga-Velder is a German-Mexican clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who has investigated the therapeutic potential of psychedelics in both indigenous and modern mental health contexts for over 25 years. She is also a founding member and director of research and psychotherapy at the Institute for Intercultural Medicine … Continue reading YJBM Medicinal Plants Issue: Dr. Anja Loizaga-Velder Interview →
Published 08/04/20
Remaining productive while staying at home can be difficult for graduate students who live and breathe experimental science. In this episode, Mai Ly overcomes that challenge by exercising her scientific skills through the art of cooking. Similar to the scientific method, Mai Ly envisions a dish with certain characteristics, does some prior reading on ingredient … Continue reading Cooking your way through the COVID-19 lockdown →
Published 07/09/20
In this episode of our special series, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast host Felicia interviews Dr. Raja Staggers-Hakim about pathways to adverse health in African-Americans due to racism and police brutality as a public health concern. Dr. Raja Staggers-Hakim is a Social & Behavioral Sciences lecturer at the Yale School of Public Health … Continue reading YJBM Special Series: Racism and Health – Episode 1 →
Published 07/01/20
In this episode, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast hosts Emma and Elizabeth interview Dr. Lidya Tarhan, a professor in Yale’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, on her fascinating work investigating the disappearance of organisms of the Ediacaran Period from the fossil record.
Published 06/11/20
Choosing a thesis laboratory is one of the most important decisions graduate students make during their research careers. In this episode, Edgar Perez, a first year PhD student at UCLA’s Molecular Biology Institute, discusses his experience in choosing a research lab despite not being able to perform research physically in the laboratory space and how … Continue reading How to pick a lab during a pandemic →
Published 06/11/20
Through the COVID Conversations series, YJBM is preserving the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on graduate, medical, and professional students the world over. This series aims to share these stories in a way that underscores the unique humanity and shared experiences of graduate, medical, and professional students. Our ultimate hope is that in doing so, … Continue reading This has actually solidified my career path →
Published 05/27/20
YJBM and Yale Science Diplomats (YSD) present a podcast version of our recent Science @ Brewery live event inspired by the December 2019 issue of the YJBM on the topic of Death. Hear from our speakers, Emma Carley, Elizabeth Nand, Michael Bond, and Amanda Leiss speak about cell death, poisons, scientists who died as a … Continue reading Death: Science @ Brewery →
Published 05/05/20
For this episode of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast, Carrie Ann & Kelsie discuss immortality, or rather, the best examples of pseudo-immortality found in the animal kingdom. For more information about YJBM or to read our latest issue on Death (Dec 2019), visit medicine.yale.edu/yjbm.
Published 04/29/20
In this episode, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast hosts Huaqi and Felicia interview Dr. Lisa Sanders on her career as a woman in STEM and her non-traditional journey from journalism to medicine. Dr. Lisa Sanders is an Associate Professor in General Internal Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and writer of the … Continue reading YJBM Special Episode: 50WomenAtYale150 – Episode 1 →
Published 04/28/20
For this special episode of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast, Kartiga & Wei host Dr. Camille Brown and Dr. Aniyizhai Annamalai. Dr. Camille Brown is the director of the Yale Pediatric Refugee Clinic & Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Aniyizhai Annamalai is the director of … Continue reading Refugee Health – Special Episode →
Published 02/24/20
The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast hosts Kelsie, Emma, and Wes interview Dr. Megan King and Dr. Patrick Lusk from Yale’s Cell Biology and Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology departments. Listen as we discuss their research on the nucleus and their favorite organelles! Twitter handles: Dr. Lusk: @plusk4u and Dr. King: @LuskingL Wes … Continue reading Organelles: Episode II →
Published 01/29/20
As you may have heard, mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell! This is a phrase commonly mentioned in introductory biology textbooks and reiterated throughout our lives in an effort to prove that we do, in fact, remember something from high school biology. The first published manuscript to announce this was written by Dr. Philip … Continue reading Organelles: Episode I →
Published 01/29/20