#11 The Chuckee Boy and Bip Bops
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What's the secret to women? Only Captain Kirk would know. Thankfully we also take a shot at the age old question. It leads to an improv set that takes place in space (don't run just yet) and dives into intergalactic dating amongst other sci-fi tropes.
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Colette, Claire and Kurt improvise a wonderful world of flutes, rock gods, and annoying moms who can't stop interrupting flute practice when you're trying to become the next big thing. UGHHH GOD MOOOOOOOM.
Published 06/04/21
Published 06/04/21
We paint a fictitious 1928 world of whacky mayors, elongated photo shoots, and insane political candidates in this 'sodes improv set. The living room style discussion sets this improv world up perfectly. S/o to our women voters.
Published 05/11/21