Finding your Inner Confidence and Beauty
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Joining me on the podcast today is a super successful entrepreneur who knows a lot about battling low self-confidence and learning to appreciate her own beauty. Jeannell Darden is the Founder & CEO of Moisture Love. It's been quite a journey from a chance encounter at a natural hair store in Downtown Durham to the podcast, but I'm delighted that Jeannell finally made it. Getting comfortable with your own beauty is a complicated and life-long process. Jeannell breaks down how she has worked on this (and continues to work on this) to be more successful. Many of her obstacles were internal versus external challenges. Her story will inspire you and help you see how you have been ignoring your own magic. In this episode we discussed:How she went from Engineering to Entrepreneurship Why she kept damaged hair for 3 years and what she did when she finally cut it Why you shouldn't make promises you can't keep How she got to a place where she accepted her beauty How she grew more confident in her appearance How I made her eyeballs sweat How to raise confident girls and what this leads to The advice she would give to her 17-year-old self Full show notes and the transcript are available at Find Jeannell on Facebook at
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