YMB #119 Something for Everyone: A Conversation with Colleen Rein
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I am joined today by Colleen Rein who is a member of our Your Morning Basket Plus membership and a mom who has been doing Morning Time for a number of years in her homeschool. What I love most about Colleen is all the practical insights she has into making homeschooling work for her family. Today she shares insights and tons of good ideas on how Morning Time can support a diverse group of learners. For show notes and episode downloads, visit pambarnhill.com/ymb119.
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 Don't groan! Geography can be a fun and fascinating topic to study in your Morning Time. In fact, when you get a kid who is into geography they can be so excited over something as simple as locating countries on a map. It is so much fun to see. Join me and Gather co-author Heather Tully as we...
Published 09/27/22
 We've talked a few times on the podcast about how to do Morning Time with your teens, but this episode really hones in on the idea of what do you prioritize when it comes to Morning Time and the teenage years. How do you make it worth their time and energy, how does it change as they get older,...
Published 09/13/22
Published 09/13/22