A Typical Puppy Schedule
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Your puppy's schedule will vary depending on many factors.  Including age, exercise needs, and your schedule.When I'm asked about what a typical day looks like I know that I'm actually being asked things like:"How many times should I take my puppy out?""How much exercise should my puppy get?""How much time is too much time in the crate?"To help answer these questions and give you a place to start, in this episode, I talk about what a typical day might look like for a 10-week old puppy and how it will change as your puppy gets older.   In this episode I talk about:* What your puppy's schedule will revolve around depending on their age.* How exercise and enrichment vary depending on your puppy's age.* How your puppy's schedule will change as they get older.* Examples from clients on the daily schedules that work for them. * Bedtime and wake time.Press play and enjoy!Other resources mentioned and related to this episode:YNP #056: Potty Training for a Working HouseholdYNP #018: Ditch the Bowl and Make Mealtime an Event YNP #042: 10 Ways to Play With Your Dog YNP #059: How to Teach Your Dog to FetchRover Round Robin: Instructions to a fun, structured, family game that also reinforces recall.11 activities to do with your dogThe flirt pole: Found under toys section of my recommended supply list.  YOUR Perfect Puppy: 4-week online training course for you and your new puppy. a class="synved-social-button synved-social-button-share synved-social-size-24 synved-social-resolution-single synved-social-provider-reddit nolightbox" data-provider="reddit" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title="Share on Reddit" href="https://www.reddit.com/submit?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.playtimepaws.
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